1. ‘Buyer’ – the person or business named in the purchase order.

2. ‘Seller’ – the person or business to which the purchase order is issued, currently called Crafty Lasers. References to Crafty Lasers are for Laser Trader Ltd t/a Crafty Lasers

3. ‘Goods’ – all items to be supplied and all work to be done by the seller as specified in the purchase order.

4. ‘Purchase Order’ – the buyer’s purchase order which specifies that these conditions apply to it.

5. ‘The Contract’ – the arrangement between buyer and seller, comprising the purchase order, these conditions and any other documents specified in the purchase order.

1. Service

a. Crafty Lasers will provide a bespoke cutting and engraving service either for products supplied by the buyer or from newly purchased items.

b. Artwork supplied for inclusion on a product must comply with the “artwork guidelines”

c. The technical service that Crafty Lasers will provide shall be covered by an outline technical specification, which shall be made available to the buyer upon request.

d. Crafty Lasers will work with the buyer to produce bespoke artwork for subsequent cutting or marking on to the defined product. The specification for cutting and/or engraving shall be agreed with the buyer before work is started and shall form part of the contract.

e.  Changes to the specification or contract after the work has commenced may be subject cancellation or modification costs.

f. If goods are not rejected within seven days, then they are deemed accepted.

g. All the products and services are supplied on the understanding that these terms and conditions of trading are understood and accepted.

2. Price

a. The price shall be as specified in the contract, with the buyer bearing the cost of carriage and packaging, unless specifically stated otherwise.

b. Where the price is not specified in the contract then the price shall be fixed by the published price list.

3. Payment

a. Payment for goods shall be as specified in the contract.

b. For new clients payment should be submitted with the order. Orders will not be processed without receipt and clearance of full payment.

c. For approved credit account customers the following shall apply unless specified otherwise in the contract. Payment by end of month following 30 days of invoice date.

d. For large orders Crafty Lasers may request a stage payment to cover inventory items, this will be the subject of negotiation and included in the contract.

4. Retention of Title

a. Title of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until they have been paid for in full.

5. Delivery

a. This shall be as stated in the contract, to the buyers address specified.

b. The passing of risk (that is, the risk that the goods may suffer accidental destruction or deterioration) to the buyer shall occur when the goods are transferred to the buyer, the goods are then at the Buyer’s risk.

c. Single expensive items may be subject to special conditions of delivery to insure against the risk of accidental damage or destruction.

6. Free Issue of Materials

a. All “Free issued “ items will be inspected before work is commenced and any faults or defects reported to the buyer.

b. Where the buyer provides the materials “free of charge” , the materials shall remain the property of the buyer. These materials shall be solely in connection with the contract. Any surplus materials will be disposed of at the buyer’s discretion.

c. Waste materials arising from bad workmanship or negligence may result in the supplier having to compensate the buyer to a value not exceeding the value of the original item.

7. Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

a. Where the product has been marked with items of a copyright nature or a custom design supplied by Crafty Lasers then the material will remain proprietary to Crafty Lasers and “copyright © 2006 Crafty Lasers and its licensors. All rights reserved.”

b. Where the product has been marked with items of a copyright nature as supplied by the buyer, then the buyer shall provide written approval to use the trademark, logo or registered design. The seller without the buyer’s approval will not use this information for any other purpose.

8. Consequential Loss

a. In the event that the supplier fails to deliver a product or service by an agreed date, or that the service is not up to standard or the product fails then the supplier shall  not be liable for consequential loss.

9. Variation

a. No addition to or variation of these conditions will bind the company, unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by a director of the company. No agent or person employed by or under contract with the company has the authority to alter or vary these conditions in any way.

Artwork Guide Lines

The process of transcribing an artwork on to a product is affected by the quality of the original artwork and the material that is being marked. The buyer is advised that the results of putting an artwork image onto a natural material such as wood, leather etc can give variable results. Whilst Crafty Lasers will endeavour to minimise this variation we are unable to guarantee the final result and cannot be held responsible for these variations.

The quality of the engraved image is also dependant on the quality of the digital artwork for which Crafty Lasers has little or no control. We will always endeavour to provide the buyer with a print of the artwork before it is engraved on the product, or a simulation if available, for the buyer’s approval.

In order to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding, we may request a printed copy of your artwork to facilitate our quality control process.

1. Digital artwork should be supplied to us either as an e-mail (preferred) or supplied on a CD, DVD or memory stick

2. The file type may be TIFF, JPG, BMP but many other file types can be used.

3. During the manufacturing process the digital image is converted to Black and White grey scale so it may be advantageous for you to convert your image to B & W to review the potential image quality.

4. The quality of the image has a direct bearing on the detail that we are able to mark therefore we require images to a high resolution for best results, or alternatively provide us with a good quality print for scanning. Images at 600 dpi give the best results.

5. Images supplied in Black & White  as a BMP file to a high resolution may not require any further processing on our part and therefore will not be subject to any processing cost.